making it up as i go

About a year ago a friend tipped me to something very cool: Metaplace, a project to develop tools for building online game worlds through a browser interface. I signed up to be a tester, although I know little about game playing and nothing at all about game building, because it’s being touted, specifically, as something anyone can pick up and learn. We’ll see. So far I’ve spent a couple of hours on it. I’ve explored someone else’s world and started building my own. There are some very basic tools included to get you started, but I haven’t yet mastered even these. So, for example, I see that I can use wall sections to build walls — they click together neatly without my having to do anything special — but I can’t figure out how to make them rotate. So all my walls of a given type run in a single direction. I have three walls, one behind the other, and they’re all going in the same direction.

If you’re a fellow beta tester, you can see my hilariously feeble first effort here.

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2 Responses to making it up as i go

  1. savetherobot says:

    Just visited your world. I like it, but you’ve gotta do something with the lawn … seed it maybe … :)I haven’t spent much time in metaplace, and I still haven’t seen the point of it. And I wonder if the big raspberries that Google Lively have earned will hurt enthusiasm for this.

  2. The Camel says:

    Yeah, I was a little underwhelmed. Seems like something with a lot of potential, but they haven’t worked out a smooth, self-explanatory entry point for non-geeks yet.I think the point, if it ever has one, would be a kind of touch-feely, poke-it-and-it-does-something version of a website. I admit I like the idea of a website (or "world") that you could move about in three-dimensionally. Exploring a two-dimensional document with hyperlinks is useful and simple, but it would be cool to actually create something "place-like" that could have little games, puzzles, and doohickeys as well as content. So I’m behind this in principle. But I simply can’t be bothered to learn the amount of technical stuff this would require of me at the moment. It would take all my time, and then how would I blog about how useless it is?

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