Holy shit. All right, so I was reading here about Timur Bekmambetov’s new, improved (?!) Moby-Dick, and in one of the comments there was a peculiar link to the WB’s website with a picture of Lauren Graham and the tagline — my jaw dropped — “MILF and cookies.”

And it’s not just used in an advertising link — it’s the official slogan of the WB’s new webcast of full episodes here!

Does Lauren Graham know about this?

(Ms. Graham, if for some reason — I’m not judging — you’re googling yourself and you happen to read this post, I’d just like you to know that I consider you a Non-Mother-But-Still-Certainly-Has-Plenty-Of-Time-If-She-Wants-To-That-I’d-Like-To-Take-Out-To-A-Nice-Restaurant-And-Treat-Respectfully-While-Not-Acting-Like-I’ve-Got-A-Board-Up-My-Ass-Or-Anything. I admit the acronym’s not as catchy.)

On the other hand, somebody calling himself “dashRENDAAR” in the comments section of that Moby-Dick story proposed the following interesting cast/crew for his own dream version:

Director: Peter Jackson
Ahab: Liam Neeson Or Hugh Jackman
Ishmael: Christian Bale
Starbuck: Ralph Fiennes Or Bernard Hill
Stub: Brendan Gleeson
Flask: Andy Serkis
Queequeg: Raoul Trujillo
Pip: Jaden Smith – Will Smith’s son
Elijah “The Prophet”: Gary Oldman
Father Mapple: Ian Mckellen or Anthony Hopkins

Not sure how I feel about Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis — I’ve had about enough out of those guys — but the rest seems spot on.

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