you kidnapped my guitar

I’d watched the first episode of the fourth season of House, M.D. before, but watching it again I’m impressed by the brilliant simplicity of its medical plotline. I’ve always been afraid to try writing a spec episode for House because the medicine is so complicated, and I don’t think I could stomach leaving [Uh, cool medical stuff goes here] holes in my dialogue. But this episode could have been written by someone with no medical training at all. Oh, sure, there are a couple of lines that were probably filled in by some staff consultant with an M.D. But the actual plot, including House’s whole investigation, rests on an ingenious, non-technical plot device that not only provides a medical mystery but also exploits, and then subverts, House’s misanthropic tendencies. Beautifully done.

Tonight I attended a networking dinner organized by The Rouge Wave‘s Julie Gray, chiefly as an opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to meet Derek Rydall, a script consultant and author of books for screenwriters. A fairly large group of people showed up to the Kung Pao Bistro (very nice Hunan lamb, if you get the chance), so I just concentrated on chatting with the people immediately in front of me — Chris, Steve, and Jenny, thanks for the conversation. (Though I was initially stymied, because the usual ice-breaker — “What do you do?” seems kind of foolish when everyone at the table is a screenwriter.) Anyway, wanted to mention this primarily to plug Julie’s website and praise her enthusiasm for supporting new writers, and to say that going to dinner with twenty strangers, while not part of my comfort zone, is a Good Thing.

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