back catalog

Here are the first and second halves of a short film I made back in 2000:

As I feared, YouTube’s awful compression makes mush out of Jos’h Hancher’s gorgeous cinematography — especially all those criss-crossing autumnal branches. And frankly, the stop-start timing I used here wouldn’t be the approach I’d take to editing today. Still, I like this movie, and I’m proud of it.

More to come: a concert film! (Everybody loves concert films, right?)

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2 Responses to back catalog

  1. Grambear says:

    Hey Camel, the cinematography comes through. I was really admiring the silvery, black and whiteness, especially in the first half and thinkingof those pristine, glorious shots in Grapes of Wrath.

  2. The Camel says:

    Oh, thanks! Yeah, looking back on this, I feel pretty lucky to have worked with Jos’h. I designed most of the shots, but he was the one who made them all work like this and who coaxed such lovely stuff out of what was basically a consumer-grade camera. Grapes of Wrath…. wow….

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