i’m still wearing my hollywood sock

If being consistently hilarious isn’t enough, here’s something else in 30 Rock‘s favor: it’s one of the few behind-the-scenes shows that’s smart about all levels of production. While you could count on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to bring you the moral agonies of comedy writers and you can still count on Entourage to show you desperate deal-making among the soon-to-be glittering elite, perhaps only on Tina Fey’s unashamedly middlebrow show (the Nathan’s Hot Dogs of TV comedy) can you find an exchange that sums up the odd power of the below-the-line unions:

FRANK: Hey, can you make the Teamsters tell us where they get those sandwiches?

JACK: Only if you beat them in a drinking contest.

[Frank looks surprised.]

JACK: (Firmly) It’s in their contract.

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