a random gob of links

So I updated my sidebar, finally, adding Nina’s hilarious cartoon adventures as well as Mom’s new blog and my brain’s life-support system, WNYC’s Radiolab. I left the “Support Wikipedia” link at the top because everybody should. Come on. If you have an internet connection, you use Wikipedia. Pay up, you cheap, cheap son of a bitch.

Also, by way of Slate‘s “Green Lantern” column, here are a couple of interesting links:

This one is an EPA tool that shows you where your power is coming from (coal, gas, nuclear, etc.) based on ZIP Code and utility provider.

And this one is a drought map, so you can see how sustainable your area’s water usage is. SoCal’s doing better than I thought, but north Georgia is not good.

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2 Responses to a random gob of links

  1. Grambear says:

    I was surprised that most of our energy comes from wind and nuclear.I thought most of what we had here was coal and natural gas.

  2. The Camel says:

    Yeah, here in L.A. we mostly use natural gas, along with hydro and nuclear. Hydro kind of surprised me — I didn’t know we had enough water to use that way, but maybe if you’re creating a reservoir anyway….

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