it begins anew

The RPM Challenge starts today. The challenge is simple: record an album of at least 10 tracks or 35 minutes, by any means necessary, in 28 days. I took part last year on the recommendation of my friend Chris Dahlen, a media and gaming critic, and you can hear the (decidedly mixed, but still interesting) results here.

To be honest, this year’s album probably won’t actually go up on the RPM website. I’m planning on using a number of uncleared samples, because I’m interested in doing a lot of experimentation with looping and cutting this year. Plus I’m thinking of doing a Prince cover, and while I’m trying right now to figure out how to secure a mechanical license for the song, still, I’d hate to get the RPM guys in trouble because I somehow screwed up the legal stuff. (Prince is notoriously litigious.)

Still, I’ll be posting stuff that won’t get them sued to my RPM profile, and I encourage anyone with the slightest smidgen of musical talent, or even interest, to pick up an instrument, plug in a mic, and record something. (Chris taught himself the ukelele!)

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