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since this blog is mainly read by my friends and family anyway….

The Lady Friend and I got married today. It was awesome. Three terrifying days of work, with my father, the world’s most proficient amateur caterer, as field marshal, and it all came together amazingly well. There was a moment about … Continue reading

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Aerosmith is mildly embarrassed by the hommage

I can’t tell if this is another example of the migration of independent film out of the hands of trained artists and into the hands of ordinary people, or if these guys are actually film students: This is not particularly … Continue reading

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when you don’t know a classic as well as you think you do

I had apparently never seen The Dirty Dozen all the way through. It’s one of those that has slipped through the cracks, somehow. As with The Shining, a movie I finally watched from start to finish only last year, I knew the plot and had seen certain key scenes many times. I knew the characters almost instinctively, probably because they’re epitomes of certain kinds of action movie anti-heroes: John Cassavetes’ loudmouth misfit, Charles Bronson’s quiet tough guy, Lee Marvin’s iron-jawed leader of men, Jim Brown’s dignified black icon. (Only the creepy rapist/religious maniac played by Telly Savalas seems to break out of the box, and even he is purposefully set up as the one member of the group who’s “really” a criminal.) But somehow I had never actually, well, watched the movie.

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everyone else is blogging about this; I guess I will, too

The Lady Friend (soon to be Lady Wife!) and I love the short films of Neill Blomkamp, especially this ingenious commentary on South African politics (cleverly disguised as an alien invasion movie!): Now, if this is not a complete hoax, … Continue reading

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