since this blog is mainly read by my friends and family anyway….

The Lady Friend and I got married today. It was awesome. Three terrifying days of work, with my father, the world’s most proficient amateur caterer, as field marshal, and it all came together amazingly well. There was a moment about two-and-a-half hours before the wedding was supposed to start, when I was single-handedly trying to rig three vast banners of muslin to act as sunbreaks over the back yard while The Lady Friend and her mom were still finishing her dress and her veil and my dad was cooking up a storm and my sister was cutting ribbons for balloons and my mom was off running errands… that I thought, “Man, this is just not gonna happen. People are going to show up at three and we’re gonna be saying, ‘Sorry folks — no show today. Pick up your free passes at the door with the manager’s apologies.'”

But it happened. And it was great. Maybe the best wedding I’ve been to, and not just because I got to marry The Lady Friend and take home a food processor and a stand mixer. It was one of those rare, fortunate events where a bunch of people who don’t know each other all manage to hit it off nicely. Also, because ours was an interfaith marriage, the process of selecting readings and vows turned out to yield a ceremony that was totally and completely ours, reflecting our ideals, worries, and hopes about marriage exactly.

Also, there was pie. So much pie….

I hope to link to the many, many pictures taken by our excellent and low-cost photographer, Jennifer, in a few days. In the meantime, much love to everyone who couldn’t be there — we’re looking forward to visiting you all very soon.

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4 Responses to since this blog is mainly read by my friends and family anyway….

  1. chaia says:

    It was a really beautiful ceremony – thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it! Especially the pie. It would appear that one of you and TLF’s shared values is "not too much sugar in the filling," which is a position I personally appreciate and endorse.

  2. The Camel says:

    Yes, and not too much cornstarch either — nobody likes it when the pie filling turns to glue.Thanks so much for being part of our ceremony, Chaia!

  3. Grambear says:

    The pies were to die for. The sides were pretty fantastic too.And yes, diverse folk hit it off nicely.Camel, you should post the readings.

  4. Grambear says:

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