“as an American, I grow weary of my word meaning nothing”

Israeli-American Emily L. Hauser’s angry plea for the Obama administration to take a tougher line with Israel about settlements on Palestinian land is worth a read. Key passage:

And yes, should anyone ask, I am fully aware the Palestinians haven’t been angels, either. But you know what? We Israelis are still the ones with the tanks, the functioning government and economy, and the superpower best friend. With great power (and yes, we’re the powerful party here, not the eternal victims) comes great responsibility — and with massive failure to live up to great responsibility comes massive misery.

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2 Responses to “as an American, I grow weary of my word meaning nothing”

  1. emilylhauser says:

    Thank you so much for recommending my post so warmly! I appreciate it, and feel very strongly about the very paragraph you quoted. That, for me, is at the very crux of the issue.

    But I feel I should point out that you’ve made a mistake with my name! : )

    My internet handle used to be “ellaesther” (my Hebrew name, as it happens); my real name is Emily L. Hauser. Sometimes I still go by both online, like so: “Emily L. Hauser/ellaesther”

    I can understand the confusion!

    • thehandsomecamel says:

      Ha! Embarrassing. I’m used to seeing your whole handle at TNC’s blog, and I think it had somehow run together in my mind. (I’m just “Seth” there, BTW.) Anyway… fixed.

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