President Obama’s amazing teleporting knee

This is pretty amusing. Jack Cashill, a President Obama conspiracy theorist, has been going around saying that this photo of young Mr. Obama with his grandparents in a park in New York is a fake.

Barack Obama, hating white people.

He claims that Obama has been clumsily photoshopped into this photo, which he says is the “real” photo of, as Salon‘s Alex Pareene puts it, “Barack Obama’s grandparents hanging out in New York, where they did not live and where Obama was attending college, without their grandson, who was I guess secretly in Pakistan at the time.”

The Dunhams, wondering why they're in a New York park.

Cashill’s scheme would have been perfect — prove that Barack Obama did not actually hang out with his grandparents in a park in the early Eighties through the cunning use of Photoshop to remove Obama from an old family photo SECRET MUSLIM QED!!! — except that he is clearly very bad at Photoshop. Look between Mr. Dunham’s left knee and his wife’s right knee.

Look carefully.

Do you see it? Someone has inadvertently captured the Ghost Knee Of Columbia University on film!

Here Cashill dissects the “fake” photo and shows you his “real” photo in an eight-minute video.

The video starts with Cashill boasting that he’s made over 300 YouTube videos, and ends with him disastrously and incoherently explaining why he thinks a streak of light on the wall is Barack Obama’s face. And in the middle he fails entirely to explain why anyone would bother to fake this photo. Though if it’s to cover a trip to Pakistan, that seems particularly pointless, given that Obama (and lots of other Americans) traveled openly to Pakistan in 1981.

Or did he? My theory is that the Pakistan trip is a head-fake, a diversion to keep people from looking into his actual terror-training travels to Newburgh, NY. That’s right, birthers — he never left the country! Why would he? Why take that risk? He didn’t have to! The terrorists were here all along, guiding him, grooming him… and waiting.

And now they’ve sprung the trap, and they’re eagerly pursuing their long-dreamt-of twin goals of implementing Bob Dole’s health care plan and zinging John Boehner about his tan.

UPDATE: That may not be Cashill in the video after all. It would appear that Cashill was simply taken in by the lunatic in the video. I regret the error.

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