Survivor is for Republicans, Wife Swap is for Democrats

I meant to post this over the weekend, but, obviously, some stuff happened. Anyway, the Daily Mail last week published a longish article on Donald Trump’s birtherism and the resulting abandonment of his Celebrity Apprentice show by liberal viewers. And buried in the middle of it is the most fascinating infographic I’ve seen in a while:

I find it particularly astonishing that The Office skews slightly Republican, since, as Bill Wyman recently pointed out on Slate, The Office is extremely pessimistic about corporate capitalism, suggesting that the dominating factor in corporate management is actually the Peter Principle, and that everyone involved with it is incompetent and hideously flawed. Of course, I suppose that could cut both ways, since one of the reasons the libertarian end of the conservative movement claims to be suspicious of government power is that human beings are largely flawed, selfish, and incompetent, especially in institutional settings. “It’s bad enough these knuckleheads are ruining Dunder Mifflin,” says the imaginary libertarian in my head. “For God’s sake, don’t give them an army or the power to police people’s bedrooms!”

Also interesting: Family Guy fans don’t vote. You can be leftist-snarky all you want, guys, but if you don’t vote, nobody cares. Rock The Vote!

(h/t Alex Epstein)

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