Mubarak faces death penalty for ordering the killing of protesters

If we celebrated the death of Bin Laden, what about Mubarak? CNN has the story:

In his first television interview since taking office, the new justice minister said last week that Egyptian courts would not shy away from sentencing Mubarak to death if he is found guilty.

“If the crime is proven, then the court will not hesitate to issue the death sentence,” he said.

“A judge may have mercy if there is a reason for that, but I don’t think in this case there is any argument for clemency whatsoever,” the minister added, calling it “a horrible crime, to kill 800 citizens who were asking for their rights and hoping to topple a corrupt regime that caused the ruin of Egypt.”

Mubarak sucked. His regime (along with those of his predecessors) was instrumental in radicalizing many of the key figures in both Al-Qaeda generally and the 9/11 conspiracy in particular. The imprisonment and torture of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, in particular, seems to have been the turning point for Zawahiri, who emerged from prison with vengeance and bloodlust in his heart, according to sources interviewed by Lawrence Wright in his Pulitzer-winning book on Al-Qaeda and 9/11, The Looming Tower. Mubarak’s regime was probably co-equal with the government of Saudi Arabia in terms of taking American money while creating huge numbers of anti-American terrorists (to say nothing of the millions who aren’t terrorists, but hate us anyway). Mubarak was one of our many Middle East frenemies.

On the other hand, being vengeful is a trait of people like… well, like Ayman Zawahiri. So… I guess I’m hoping they don’t kill him? If only because starting off your idealistic new revolution by killing former regime leaders, however justified that killing may be, often doesn’t end well. (Then again, sometimes it ends fine.)

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