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i just wanted to show my appreciation.

More praise for Obama, this time on slightly different grounds. Specifically: So, two things. One, I hope this is a humanizing moment (i.e., one where even his opponents can acknowledge that he did something pretty cool). It’s like when he … Continue reading

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deep defense cuts: more brains, less muscle

After criticizing President Obama sharply here and here for being far more warlike than the liberal candidate I thought I was voting for, I’d like to (tentatively) express praise for some actions he’s taking to reduce the defense budget, with … Continue reading

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a final thought on Ron Paul

Two thoughts, really. First, the combative tone of my last post was probably counterproductive. The substance of what I was getting at was right, but I was so overwhelmingly irritated by Kevin Drum’s approach that I think I buried that … Continue reading

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more liberal frothing about Ron Paul

Fred Clark, normally extremely perspicacious, has jumped on the anti-Paul bandwagon with both feet, giving space to some pretty dreadful stuff from Kevin Drum, who calls Paul “the dictionary definition of a crank” and practically gets the vapors considering such … Continue reading

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do i want to vote libertarian this year?

So Ron Paul’s been getting beat up pretty hard this past week, as he picks up speed in Iowa and the mainstream media suddenly remembers to vet him. There are two major criticisms leveled at Paul right now. First, and … Continue reading

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