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Krugman on why government debt continues to be extremely cheap

despite dire warnings that the markets hate debt: Before the crisis, U.S. 10-year inflation-protected bonds generally paid around 2 percent. Recently, however, the rate on those bonds has been minus-0.6 percent. Investors are willing to pay more to buy these … Continue reading

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moar reading on guns

Since a very polite pro-gun-rights reader left me a long, thoughtful comment today, I thought I’d give a little equal time to two gun rights articles that I’ve found to be interesting and engaging, even though I don’t necessarily agree … Continue reading

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RPRA follow-up: what is the state of the science about guns and crime?

Following on the earlier post, two views on the social science regarding gun laws and crime. First, from Dan Baum, who wrote about the complicated pleasures of concealed carry for Harper’s a couple of years ago, this assertion that science … Continue reading

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The Reasonable Person’s Rifle Association

Probably like you, I’ve spent the past week mulling the shooting of dozens of moviegoers in Colorado, and what incidents like this should mean for the future of gun rights in the U.S. I say probably like you, because since … Continue reading

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on the things you didn’t build

Julian Sanchez would like to know why we should bother to note that nothing we do in the modern world is really an individual effort. President Obama made a speech the other day that has caused some stir — especially … Continue reading

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Tea Party believes signing of treaties, which is provided for in the Constitution, will result in loss of U.S. sovereignty

Of course, the Framers didn’t reckon with the fact that 34% of America is bonkers: 34 senators, led by Tea Party hero Jim DeMint of South Carolina, effectively killed… The Law of the Sea Treaty… [which] would codify a host … Continue reading

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the real gateway drug

is not pot. It’s a combination of prescription meds and well-intentioned crackdowns on the availability of those meds for recreational purposes: While the shift from OxyContin to other opium-based drugs may be surprising to some, it is not to professionals … Continue reading

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combat medals for drone pilots

From the Washington Post: The Pentagon is considering awarding a Distinguished Warfare Medal to drone pilots who work on military bases often far removed from the battlefield…. Charles V. Mugno, head of the Army Institute of Heraldry… said most combat … Continue reading

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workplace liberties and the freedom to contract

Noah Smith has a good post up about the degree to which employees really enter freely into contracts — and, indeed, the degree to which the assumptions underlying contract theory actually make sense: First, there is the question of dynamic … Continue reading

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“Nothing in the Constitution says you have to be a fascist idiot.”

Paul Bibeau loves America. So do I. What’s under assault in this country is the basic meaning of important words. Like defense. And security. And patriotism. And ultimately, freedom. I want to take those words back. I want to change … Continue reading

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