this guy is everything that’s wrong with America, wrapped up in one neat package

Via Eric at SOTSOGM, the story of a man and his dream. His insane fucking dream:

Biltis submitted over 320,000 signatures last night to place on the November ballot a referendum that would allow Arizonans “to reject any federal action that they determine violates the United States Constitution,” as the ballot measure reads….

Yes! For example, I’ve been meaning to do something about that standing army we’ve got nowadays!

“In my old homeland, I’ve seen the government grow and take away freedoms and ruin business and ruin communities,” he told KJZZ. Lately, “I’ve seen the government growing out of control and it looks like familiar signs,” he said. Biltis is from Montreal, Canada. “I’ve seen, literally, my father-in-law die at the hands of socialized medicine,” he explained.

Of course — I think we’re all familiar with the terrible health outcomes in Canada. Not like here. Anyway, proceed!

Federal overreach also comes in more quotidian varieties, like speed limits and the ban on incandescent light bulbs. “Besides the insanity of it, if you have a federal government that can choose to ban a light bulb that has existed for 100 years, that served us pretty well, what can’t they do?” he asked reporters.

That’s right! Nothing should ever be replaced by something better or more efficient! Now excuse me while I go render some tallow — we need some more candles for the weekend.

“I believe the Supreme Court completely got it wrong,” he told reporters of the Affordable Care Act ruling. In fact, he said he disagrees with the entire concept of judicial review, first established by the 1803 Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison, which allows courts to strike down federal laws.

Well — judicial review in some form almost certainly predates the Constitution and was explicated as part of the constitutional package in Federalist 78. You don’t like it — I get that. But if you feel that nine unelected clowns shouldn’t be allowed to review or second-guess the legislation duly passed by the American people’s representatives, why on earth would you propose that three million or so unelected Arizonan clowns should be able to?

He acknowledges that states could opt out of anti-segregation laws, but says he’s confident that wouldn’t happen.

Boy, it always comes back to that shit, doesn’t it? You can’t talk about liberty for three minutes straight in this country without somebody bringing up how tough it is that you can’t keep black people out of your restaurant anymore, oppressivefederalgovernmentmumblemumblemumble….

Somebody page Rand Paul.

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5 Responses to this guy is everything that’s wrong with America, wrapped up in one neat package

  1. Grambear says:

    I’d be laughing, but I am so much older than you.

  2. Eric says:

    Amazing, i’n’it how they’re happy to enforce Federal laws to keep the wetbacks out, but you want ’em to pay some kind of fee or tax or fine or whatever you’d like to call it today so that poor people don’t die on the street, they want to invoke states’ rights. And you’ve gotta love this guy, saying he’s confident his effort–his totally illegal and unconstitutional effort to override Federal law–wouldn’t result in Arizona, of all places in the country, outlawing desegregation: because we know how welcoming and receptive Arizona is to non-Aryans; it’s not like they ever fought against a holiday for Martin Luther King or recently tried passing a law to let cops shake down Hispanics for proof-of-birth or anything….

    My fucking country.

  3. Janiece says:

    I saw that, too, and rather than laughing (because clearly the dude’s a freeze-dried whackaloon), I despaired, because so very many Arizonians think he has such good ideas.

    Good thing I’m confident that Arizonians would NEVER EVER indulge in bat-shit crazy behavior!

  4. Nathan says:

    Let ’em go ahead. Then, 1.)withhold all federal funds for anything and everything, 2.) set up border patrol stations* at every roadway leading into/out of the state (on the non-Arizona side of the border) where Arizona residents will have to present passports and other proof of citizenship, and have to pay a toll for entering the “U.S.”…and another one for leaving it on their way back, 3.) send Arizona a bill for everything previously paid for with federal funds. If they want to make a half-assed effort at secession, let’s just secede their asses out of the Union ourselves.


    *I know there may be some irony to setting up leakproof border controls around the state, but I have a feeling Arizonans are too stupid to figure out a way to evade them. Much easier than trying to control those crafty Mexicans.

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