Tea Party believes signing of treaties, which is provided for in the Constitution, will result in loss of U.S. sovereignty

Of course, the Framers didn’t reckon with the fact that 34% of America is bonkers:

34 senators, led by Tea Party hero Jim DeMint of South Carolina, effectively killed… The Law of the Sea Treaty… [which] would codify a host of international navigational, territorial and mineral exploration rules that the country has abided by since the Reagan administration. But a faction of Tea Party senators have secured enough opposition to stop the treaty before it even makes it to the Senate floor….

“If we give up one scintilla of sovereignty that this country has fought for, bled for, have given up our treasure and the best that America has, I can’t vote for it,” Idaho Sen. Jim Risch….

Entering into treaties — aka submitting to the dread scourge of “international law” — is an inherent part of government, as recognized by our constitution in Art. II, Sec. 2. I assume this means the Tea Party will be primarying James Madison.

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3 Responses to Tea Party believes signing of treaties, which is provided for in the Constitution, will result in loss of U.S. sovereignty

  1. Eric says:

    I felt… a tremor… as if a million heads banged into their desks as one and sighed.

    More seriously: I hope there’s nobody out there still saying that “moderate” Republicans (e.g. Romney) might pander to the teabaggers now but will move back to the center once ensconced in office. The ‘baggers have the GOP by the short hairs.

  2. Nathan says:

    During the mid-1700’s a country’s territorial waters were usually figured at 1 mile … the distance a land-based cannon might expect to hit a ship. By the beginning of the 19th Century, shot distance had improved to roughly 3 miles — establishing the 3 mile territorial limit that has been accepted ever since. Because we’re AMURIKINS and because 34% of us are idiots, I suggest that we unilaterally expand our claim of territorial waters to EVERYWHERE in the world, including lakes completely within other countries. After all, we can hit every single one of them with missiles launched from CONUS.

  3. anon says:

    12 mile limit was generally agreed to with the Law of the Sea treaty (1982), which also codified the 200 mile exclusive economic zone. If the suggestion is that we go back to the three mile limit… apparently the T-party wants us to cede US territory?

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