the wrong reason

WordPress seems to have eaten a post. What I said, though, was this: Matt Stoller argues, as I have, that liberals should consider voting third party. But he thinks they should do it even in swing states, as part of a conscious strategy to throw the election to Romney:

[U]nder Obama, because there is now no one making the anti-torture argument, Americans have become more tolerant of torture, drones, war and authoritarianism in general. The case against Obama is that the people themselves will be better citizens under a Romney administration, distrusting him and placing constraints on his behavior the way they won’t on Obama…. Obama has successfully organized the left part of the Democratic Party into a force that had rhetorically opposed war and civil liberties violations, but now cheerleads a weakened America too frightened to put Osama bin Laden on trial.

First of all, it’s flat bullshit to say no one is making the anti-torture argument. Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Charles Fried, Glenn Greenwald, and Andrew Sullivan have all made it, recently and in strong terms.

Second, what Stoller seems to want is for liberals to go back to being the loyal opposition, powerless, but speaking out bravely against torture and pointless wars. You know, like in the Bush years, when nobody was tortured or send off to fight pointless wars.

The best reason for liberals to throw the election to Romney, as I said Friday, is to hasten the apocalypse. Just throw everything to the Republicans and let them govern, unimpeded, until the country is a scalded ruin and the image of what conservatives would do with power is so branded on the American soul that nobody ever votes for them again. That’s a strategy. Hoping to fall back into the loser’s position so that liberals behave more like Matt Stoller wants them to is not.

Some may question whether my strategy could work. “Seth,” they say, “Romney was a moderate until recently, and he governed as a mild centrist in Massachusetts. Shouldn’t we wait until Ryan runs in 2016? Or try to draft Gingrich or something?”

But remember, my friends, all that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. I know because I saw it painted on the wall in a barracks day room once. Anyway, Romney’s 1% bona fides are impeccable, so you know he’s got an economic plan to ensure the swift rise of immovable aristocracy in America. And he’d be happy to let the culture warriors dictate his social policy and Supreme Court appointment, and to let the neocons dictate his foreign policy, because he doesn’t give a shit about any of that. He gives less of a shit even that Bush, I think, as long as he gets to be president and lower taxes on his wealthy peers. I know maybe you’re skeptical that Romney could really send America down the tubes, but I’m telling you… I think he’s got it in him.

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