don’t Nader me, bro!

The Palm Beach Post is raising the possibility that Gary Johnson could spoil Florida for Romney:

[A]s of 9:07 p.m., President Barack Obama holds a 6,437-vote lead over Mitt Romney out of more than 6.6 million votes cast in Florida. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson — a former Republican governor of New Mexico and a failed GOP presidential contender during this year’s primaries — had 34,302 votes.

Of course, as a commenter asks, “Why do people assume that Libertarians would vote Republican if they had to pick? Most Libertarians I know dislike both parties equally, and some hate Republicans more.”

That’s true. I guess if you assume that libertarians would go, say, two-to-one for the Republican, and if you assume that all the Johnson voters would have voted at all, then maybe he’s swinging things Obama’s way. But I’m not sure those assumptions are valid.

Still… it’d be interesting. It’d be interesting, indeed, if a third party candidate actually did swing a major state.

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