it’s not about mooching

Noah notes that the Republican Party’s “maker vs. taker” narrative does not fit with the demographic facts:

So, for those of you who don’t know this, Asian-Americans make more money than white Americans. Thus, they pay more income tax. And Asians are half as likely as the average American to be on welfare.

Thus, Asian-Americans, by the Romney/O’Reilly/French definition, are “makers”, not “takers”. Even more than whites. They’re also more likely to be married. And to start businesses.

And yet Asian-Americans broke for Obama 3-to-1. David French should definitely be including them in his list of Obama’s “core constituencies”. The fact that he doesn’t do so is a telling sign of “epistemic closure” – of conservatives not seeing what is plainly in front of them, preferring instead to repeat to themselves a pleasant, soothing, but false story….

Jews are America’s second-richest religious group (behind Hindus), and yet Jewish voters broke almost 3-to-1 for Obama this year, and more than 3-to-1 in 2008. Why do Jews vote Democratic? Simple: for all their talk of “Judeo-Christian values” and support for Israel (as if anyone cares about that!), the Republicans make it clear that they think the ethnic core of America is not just white, but Christian as well….

We Jews are not stupid; we know that the grassroots of the conservative movement, at least in its present incarnation, will never accept us as true “sons of the soil”. The liberal movement will. It’s as simple as that.

(I’ve noted before, of course, that the Randian “maker/taker” narrative also doesn’t mesh with the distribution of states that take more than they contribute to the federal coffers; nearly all “red” states fall into that category, while nearly all states that contribute more than they take are “blue” states.)

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