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splitting the gun control problem into its component parts

This post by Ezra Klein demonstrates a common problem with the gun control discussion: although it is ostensibly about the Newtown shooting, it actually presents possible solutions to several different gun violence problems all jumbled together. I’d like us to … Continue reading

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gun control article roundup

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times would like to see us get over our “political failure to regulate guns,” and he suggests some sensible measures: A starting point would be to limit gun purchases to one a month, to … Continue reading

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again, liberals need to understand the weapons they’re talking about

William Saletan of Slate thinks that “speed kills,” and that the solution is to ban semi-automatic weapons: I’ve gone through the 25 worst massacres on the chart, and nearly every shooter had a semi-automatic weapon. The one exception was a … Continue reading

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also, liberals should learn something about guns

The press has been reporting that the Newtown shooter was carrying a .223-caliber rifle. “Marlow Stern,” of Twitter, tweeted the following image along with the accompanying text: “Suspect used .223 caliber rifle. This is a picture of a .223 rifle. … Continue reading

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sure, gun control — but what kind?

So there’s been another mass shooting. This one is particularly awful, because it took place at an elementary school. And so, once again, my fellow liberals will call for a “national discussion” about gun control, and they will chide pro-gun … Continue reading

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