new comments policy

After fighting with some guy I don’t know in the comments the other day, I tried to write out what I hope for from people who stop by to comment. I doubt it will be effective — the people who need a comments policy never seem to be the ones who would read a comments policy — but it was useful to me to think about what I want from comments, anyway. And since the point of the blog is to interact with the world, what I want from comments is in some sense also what I want from the blog as a whole.

Anyway. If you’re a regular, this doesn’t really apply to you. I just get tired of fielding the hostile drive-bys.

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2 Responses to new comments policy

  1. Darrell Tangman says:

    Might I suggest (if wordpress permits – I don’t know how flexible the page layout is) that you include a link to the Comments Policy following the “Leave a Reply” header? Its current placement is, perhaps, a bit too subtle – I certainly missed it – and might well be overlooked if someone is moved to comment toward the end of one of your longer entries.

  2. thehandsomecamel says:

    That’s a really excellent suggestion. But it looks like won’t let you customize layout without paying an additional fee, and… I am cheap. 😦

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