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GA to execute a mentally retarded man

There’s no doubt, apparently, about the diagnosis: All medical specialists who have examined Hill now agree that he is “mentally retarded” – the designation of intellectual disability still widely used in the US – and should be protected under the … Continue reading

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interesting solution to the drone/targeted killing issue

I’ve been down for a while, partly due to classwork and now, more recently, to a broken wrist. I missed out on talking about the release of the White House’s standards for targeted killing, which I think more-or-less everyone already … Continue reading

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Dick Morris understands little about Latinos, other human beings in general

Boy, there is… a LOT wrong with this video by Dick Morris. I mean, you could start with his befuddled irritation with black people for not voting Republican a generation or two after they “come to this country,” like the … Continue reading

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