blogging Fed Courts 3.5: justiciability outline

In the last Fed Courts post, I finished up questions of “justiciability” — that is, threshold questions that determine whether you have a “case or controversy” that can be heard in federal courts. The four types of justiciability problems I discussed were standing, mootness, ripeness, and the political question doctrine. (Mootness and ripeness can also be seen as specialized standing inquiries — “standing plus time” — but I’ll keep them separate for simplicity’s sake.) Here is my swing at outlining the doctrines for each type of inquiry.

(That’s a link to a PDF. I didn’t put the outline directly into the post, because after fighting with WordPress’s implementation of “ul” and “li” code for twenty minutes, I concluded that I’m never going to get the indentation to work the way I want it to. Looks like others have encountered similar problems indenting in HTML. And hey — what do you want from a blog that’s giving you free outlines?)

Up next: Congress’s control over federal court jurisdiction!

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